EU CE certification

      EU CE certification - "passport entering the EU market" is professionally tested by the Italian ECM company and has passed the EU CE certification. CE stands for European Unity (English name: Conformite Europeenne). In the EU market, the “CE” mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether it is a product produced by an enterprise within the EU or a product produced by another country, it must be freely circulated in the EU market. A “CE” mark must be affixed to indicate that the product meets EU requirements. This is a mandatory safety certification mark issued by EU law for products and a passport for manufacturers to enter the European market.

US FDA certification

      US FDA certification - "National Health Patronus" The FDA is the US Food and Drug Administration, the highest law enforcement agency specializing in food and drug management, and is known as the "American National Health Patron". The FDA is the highest pass certification for food and medicine approved by the World Trade Organization (WTO). The FDA is recognized as the world's highest testing standard for foods and medicines and is recognized by the World Health Organization as the highest food safety standard.