The SPRING DING DONG into a strong "water" hand, only to protect your health

 In the big movies that save the world, there will always be lines:                            

The planetary defense system was invaded and an emergency recall of the 009 planet warrior                            

The most exciting thing in the film is the return of the hero, the tearing of the villains, and the peace of the world.With the "emergency recall", the words of the faith of the second middle school to protect the world are sacred and inviolable. However, when the “emergency recall” was requisitioned by merchants in recent years, it was cast a shadow.






      Urgent announcement                            

        On February 22nd, the MUJI parent company"s good product plan issued an emergency recall notice on its official website. According to the announcement, the "natural water" test results sold by the company from July 4, 2018 to February 21, 2019 showed that the carcinogen bromate exceeded the standard, which violated the standards of the Japanese Food Sanitation Law. 500 ml and 330 ml of "natural water" and 430 ml of "carbonated water" initiated an emergency recall mechanism.                            

      Bromochloric acid

       Hydrochloric acid In chemical substances, the most basic chemical reaction is dilution. Water is the most indispensable part of the human body. Bottled water is a daily necessities for the contemporary people, so the standard indicators of the ingredients in bottled water are the most important.                

        The World Health Organization"s Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality is a standard set for bromate with a concentration of 0.1 parts per liter.

        Bromo-hydrochloric acid, a bacteria that is inevitably cultivated after disinfecting natural water by ozone, may cause intestinal symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. In severe cases, it may affect the kidneys and nervous system.                                

> This time the Japanese brand MUJI natural water bromine hydrochloric acid exceeded the standard after the "toxic biscuits" after another consumer disappointment food storm. As a Japanese Volkswagen brand, when it entered China in the early days, it was eagerly sought after by some consumers as a mid-to-high-end brand, and the heat of the price gradually faded. The "emergency recall" of natural water has made the Chinese market even more discounted.

Because when health is "threatened",People must avoid it.





       With the intensification of daily life of FMCG, the indispensability of water has led to the irreplaceability of bottled water, so the market position of bottled water is unshakable.                

      Although there are old-fashioned brands such as Nongfu Spring, Yibao, etc. and imported brand Evian, etc., they have already “taken the king as the king”, but there are also like the spring water as a black horse to kill a bloody road, spring water, spring heart, natural spring water, water source Originated from the longevity town of Guangxi Jiuwanshan,It combines the characteristics of “native, low mineralization, weak alkaline, soft water and negative ion water”.Suitable for infants and young children, can be used with drinking water to the daily use of long-lived elderly people.

      Spring water, spring water, spring water, natural spring water has become one of the choices for everyone bottled water.




In a fast-paced life, when the purpose of making money runs counter to the health, there will be an urgent recall of the natural spring water like spring water, and the body will be guarded and healthy PopeyeDon"t forget to create a healthy drink, just to give you the best