The origin of the SPRING DING DONG is originally here.

It is said that the social animals want to resign at least once a day, not surprising, because I am almost hourly to resign.

In this world, there are many people who want to resign, but few who dare to resign, and those who have actually resigned, where have they gone?


Jiuwan Mountain

Some people packed up their bags and went home. From their hometown to the metropolis, they finally chose to compromise and return to their hometown. Some people are obsessed with life, living, and happiness is the most important thing. So lightly loaded, wandering the world.

Wandering places, be sure to stay away from the hustle and bustle, away from the reinforced forest and the traffic, the closest to nature.

Jiuwan Mountain, Guangxi, virgin forest, longevity village, beautiful scenery, birds and flowers, spring water......

In the past few months, my colleagues in charge of the “Spring Waters and Hearts” project have been brainwashed by the brand’s iconic words every day, and are deeply attracted by the water source landscape, but they can’t be eaten, almost deep. Colleagues who are trapped in the beauty of 90,000 mountains suffer from schizophrenia.

Go wandering

At the end of the story, the colleague ran and said that he would resign to wander.

New week. When I started to face the black Monday, he had already started a wandering trip on a small train and carrying a small bag.

In the face of the natural scenery of the 90,000-mountain virgin forest in the beautiful colors, the cold-blooded and ruthless workplace animals and animals that were tempered by reality finally lost, and the tough emotional defense line officially declared collapse.

It is no exaggeration to see the origin of the water source in the Jiuwan Mountain in Guangxi, the spring water source, the spring water, and the heart of the heart.In front of it, what Tibet Dali, what Lijiang Xinjiang is weak! burst! Now!

Don't talk nonsense, first take a wave and feel it yourself.




National nature reserve

That mountain, the water, the man, the scenery, where to look and where to shoot is a wallpaper, such a scene is no wonder that the office workers who travel all day between urban buildings and viaducts are heart-wrenching.

Jiuwan Mountain in Guangxi is an international nature reserve. The subtropical monsoon climate and the special features of the peaks and peaks, and the hydrology of the original Shisenli vegetation protection with a thousand years of history make the Jiuwan Mountain four distinct and suitable for living. In spring, the mountains are full of flowers and flowers, and the summer is full of leaves and trees. The autumn leaves are yellow and the wild fruits are everywhere. The winter temperature is comfortable, cold and cold.


Changshou Village

The unique natural environment makes the 90,000 mountain a place of desire. Under the protection of nature, the residents living around the Jiuwan Mountain maintain a shallow, quiet, simple and pure heart and essence. This mentality allows residents not only to be healthy but also to be comfortable and relaxed, and to determine the health and longevity of local residents.

Therefore, Jiuwanshan has become a well-known village in Changshou in Guangxi Province.

This is really a tens of thousands of crit temptations for office workers who live in cities, are tortured, and have lumbar discs.

       I can’t go to the 90,000 mountains, I can only experience the 90,000 mountain style in a thousand miles. The natural drinking water “spring water 叮咚·初心如泉”, the authentic water source of the 90,000 mountains, drink a spring water, imagine living in the 90,000 mountains Fresh nature, extraordinary feelings of immersiveness.

        If you don't say it, go buy a bottle of "spring water, spring heart, spring".